Alloy shoes. Lots of girls got sprained ankles in the 90s...

Bhaha I demanded to have shoes like this when I was little. Damn Spice Girls

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lol it's hard to believe that the 90s dr doc martens grunge boots are now in the "vintage" apparel section.. i remember when they were a must-have in every school. lol, i feel so old.. O.o

Image 1 of ASOS PABLO Platforms

Vintage 90's Nike Air Panel Sweatshirt by RackRaidersVintage, $25.00

Zomg Platform Sneaker in White

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Kelsi Dagger Casablanca Clogs -; I Love clogs & t-straps; how could i not get these?

Womens New Black Desert Boots from Revolva - love these boots :3

plaid shirt / grey muscle tee / dungarees

jujufootwear: “#JuJuRegram aminorris :: A #JuJuJellies line up we are jealous of! ”

"stuck" by khacti on Polyvore

Lazy Oaf x The Ragged Priest Collection Patch Jeans

This shoe was more something a pop stare would wear because its more out going and flashy.

strappy black sandals > BEIGE | TheyAllHateUs

Super fun -- you can open the bottom and fill the heels with anything you like! Y.R.U. Rainbow Cherii | Dolls Kill

I don't know what she is doing with her feet or why her shoes are untied; but I love those shoes!

A walk down memory lane... The 22 Ugliest Examples Of '90s Footwear To Ever Meet Your Eyes.

90s Vibe >.< by queenbrittani on Polyvore featuring Converse, Relic, Charlotte Russe, Topshop, Retrò and Jura

Daisy Street Silver Holographic Mollie Heeled Sandals Oh my yes!

Image 4 of New Look Proddy Grunge Sole Heeled Sandals -- #grunge #90s #nineties

shoes holographic platform shoes hologram pale tumblr weheartit grunge sandals soft grunge pink silver Vintage 90s Green Velvet Dr. Martens - Size 8

How Dr. Martens (especially the Mary Janes) go with any outfit. | 55 Things Only ’90s Teenage Girls Can Understand