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90s Shoes

When it came to shoes…the chunkier, the better. | 55 Things Only ’90s Teenage Girls Can Understand

What? I never put these in my mouth and chewed them like gum. What? 21 smells a 90's girl will never forget

19 Relics From The '90s Hologram Epidemic ... I had two different pair of these ankle killers, one with chunky heels and one that looked like they should have been in Pamela Anderson's shoe closet.

Yes to all. Basically, the ideal '90s shoe collection for a teen. Covers all bases.

i TOTALLY had shoes just like these my first year away from home after HS - they felt so "grown up" :)

Alloy shoes. Lots of girls got sprained ankles in the 90s...

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How the Spice Girls danced in these platform shoes without twisting their ankles. | 25 Things That '90s Kids Are Still Trying To Figure Out

Glad I kept mine from the 90's! Doc Martens Fall 2014 Shoe Trend - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

You were a 90's kid When it came to shoes…the chunkier, the better. | 55 Things Only ’90s Teenage Girls Can Understand

  • Elle Clarke

    Of course, my point being it is not something ONLY 90's teenage girls can understand. We teenage girls in the 70's (AND the guys) understood them 2 decades before.

  • Paige Foley

    Doesn't mean they weren't popular in the 90's as well, which they were.

  • Elle Clarke

    Hate to tell ya but those boots were popular in the seventies! Lol

  • rachel

    Hahaha! So true

the spirit of the 90s is alive in birks + socks. will you do it? YES I like.

Jellies! Whether you owned one pair, a closet full, or were sorely deprived, it was hard not to covet the infinite options!

NSYNC dressed…like…this: | The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened

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I don't care if they are out of style-these are what I wear EVERY summer! LOL

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Nike Air Max 90s in Cheetah Print Pony Hair

Great summer outfit. 90s. Fashion. Grunge. Hipster. Crop Top. High waisted shorts. Canvas shoes. Flannel top.

RAD Vintage 90's Shoes by DustToDiamonds on Etsy, $34.80

shoes holographic platform shoes hologram pale tumblr weheartit grunge sandals soft grunge pink silver

I had 5 pairs of these when I was little. Pretty much everything on Lauren Conrad's Blog I owned in the 90s-Millenium era

  • Michelle M

    Oh the memories of blisters and getting dirt in these and having to rince them evetynight :) wish could go back to those days

  • Mollie Harrison

    haha! YES! I love the tattoo choker!! I had to wear those everyday for 2 years..Brings back fun memories!

Moon Shoes | 31 Awesome ’90s Toys You Never Got, But Can Totally Buy Today

Vintage 90's 1990's Nineties Women Teen Grunge Goth by DelaEpoca, $21.99 - Oh my gosh I remember chunky heels! Haha At the age of 25 clothes I used to wear in middle school are officially looking ridiculous. These might be the exact pair I used to have as I see they're Mudd brand. I was obsessed with that label in 6th-8th grade. I know, very high fashion of me ;-P.

  • josie jaime

    These are the exact ones i had

  • josie jaime

    These are the exact ones i had

  • Shelley D

    I had a pair of shoes almost just like these.

  • Cynthia K. Altamira Perez

    Carolina Sanchez LMAO!!! i had these!

  • Paula D

    Yaya, it's been 20yrs since the 90's! It's Vintage! It's scary how it didn't seem that long ago! I agree with Allise! I Still have these shoes! And theyre in mint condition! Give it another 5-10yrs and the 90's fashion style will come back and so will these bad boys!

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I miss 90's fashions :(

The 22 Ugliest Examples Of '90s Footwear To Ever Meet Your Eyes

Stella shoes / plarform shoes / so 90's

High Heeled Jelly Shoes... What were we thinking!?

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