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Nephi's slaying of Laban in the Book of Mormon can be hard to understand for modern readers. But when compared to ancient laws, such as the Law of Moses, it can make legal sense. For example, Exodus 21 gives three specific legal requirements such as not lying in wait, having God deliver, and fleeing the land. Learn how Nephi passed these requirements, and more #BookofMormon #LDS #Faith #Mormon…

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Bernie Sanders on

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$10.39 compared to $23.99 for Claritin... I made the switch to a healthier Melaleuca. For more information and how to sign up contact me at

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Man's best friend *because that's how they (and we) are hard-wired*, no matter how many masochists profess a preference for cats

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Dairy Alternative: Homemade Rice Milk

Homemade rice milk costs just 6¢ to make! Compared to store-bought, you're saving 99%!! My favorite variation is cinnamon vanilla - it's so good!

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Mannequin Vs Woman…<---This is proof that women are getting judged about their weight and being basically insulted by the people who make mannequins.

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24 Books to Read If You Love 'Gone Girl'

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Bach Flower Remedy - Crab Apple - Also useful when we feel a bit obsessed with making the home spotless.

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