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The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting - All For Love


i'm shook okay twenty one pilots have recorded a studio version of cancer by my chemical romance i'm not okay

#HerschelsEagleNebula | A now famous picture from the Hubble Space Telescope featured Pillars of Creation, star forming columns of cold gas and dust light-years long inside M16, the Eagle Nebula. This false-color composite image views the nearby stellar nursery using data from the Herschel Space Observatory's panoramic exploration of interstellar clouds along the plane of our Milky Way galaxy. Herschel's far infrared detectors record the emission from the region's cold dust directly.


Dr. Dre (born Andre Young), American record producer, rapper, entrepreneur…


Robert Plant and John Bonham during the recording of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ at A&M Studios in Los Angeles, May 1969.

Peter Frampton I'm In You – Knick Knack Records

from Vinyl Wheel

Record Sleeve of the Week

Photo of record and sleeve, Atlantic Records Label "Lead the field in Rhythm and Blues". It originates from This image motivates me because I plan to work with/for a major record label. I am motivated by this image to meet a purpose in life. My purpose is to own a record label and to give my artist creative control over their music. Allowing them to autonomously create will make their music more unique.


Protect this man at all costs.