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Fantasy Women Portraits Taken in a Fairytale World

German photographer Sima Domke captures her beautiful female models in dreamlike settings. She is so creative and like experimenting and trying new things

Geronimo was an important Apache Native American leader who rose to celebrity status. His many cunning escapes from Indian reservations and the failure of 10,000 Mexican and American soldiers to capture him and his 39 warriors gave him a permanent place in history.


Minden könnycsepp Ő érte születik, S miután az arcomon lefolyik, Meghal, mint szívemben a remény, Mert Ő soha nem lesz az enyém.


I once found a part of the jaw of a doe in the forest, teeth and all. I incorporated the piece of bone into a statue of my Wild Woman Goddess, the Protectress.


cher, arizona, 70's, Im kinda not thinking that is actually Cher, considering she is so distictive looking, but I'll leave it anyway as a homage to Ms Cher.