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42 Friggin Amazing Compass Tattoos-If you�re thinking about getting a compass tattoo, already have one, or just like to look at cool designs, then you came to the right place. The compass, AKA nautical compass, compass rose, or nautical star, is no doubt an enormously popular tattoo design�and has been for decades. It�s complex detail, design potential, and beautiful symmetry make it an appealing choice for both men and women...


The Ultimate Guide to Using a Compass - At first glance, using a compass doesn’t seem that hard, just hold it flat and it will point you to the North. But little do most people know, that’s only half the battle.

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How To Make A Compass

A simple science experiment that you can do with your kids: Create a Compass. All you need is a lid, water, a cork, a magnet and a sewing needle


Teach basic map skills with this printable map activity. Students will learn how to read a map legend or key, follow directions, and recognize North, South, East, and West on a compass rose.


Good guide on using a compass for Cadettes working on their Trailblazing badge.

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How to Use a Compass

How to Read a Compass and Find Your Way - wikiHow

Wilderness Survival Skills Training – How to Use a Compass

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How to Use a Compass

Use a Compass Step 2.jpg

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Compass Rose

Make a compass rose - perfect craft for learning north, south, east & west. We are going to use this for a treasure hunt one day


What is a Compass Rose?

Second Grade Geography Worksheets: What is a Compass Rose?