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It's a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.


The 5 sec. drag in videos suck, i guess it gives that new "old school video" feel. #70sbabysbonus Shalamar - A Night To Remember


just come and sit next to me - you don't have to ask its been saved for you for years and it will be saved for you for a thousand more - I have nothing but time and worship for you just come and soak it up its yours

from Etsy

1960 The Fire Cat Vintage Childrens Book

Had this book and many others like this! Would go to the book self and pick a least two to four books too read for the night!!


Do you remember the story about Jacob wrestling with the angel? The sages tell a midrash that Jacob had found a jar of oil on the first trip to Beit El when he turned over one of the stones the night he saw the ladder and angels ascending and descending. The sages declared that spot to be the location of the temple. That jar of oil he found replenished itself after he poured it over the stone - where have I heard that before? Find out…


#CMLibrary Summer Film Series | Ships Ahoy!! 8 Classic Seafaring Films begins June 16, 2012 | June 16: A Night to Remember (1958). Long before Leo and Kate locked eyes, the tragic tale of the Titanic was brought to the screen in this British production based on Sir Walter Lord's novel.