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A R Rahman

Rock Version of Roja Jaaneman - (A Tribute to A.R.Rahman By Paradigm.Shift) by A.R. Rahman (Chennai) on SoundCloud

06. Dil Se Re | MTV Unplugged Season II | A.R.Rahman by UnpluggedARRSeason2 on SoundCloud

A.R. Rahman , K M Music Conservatory - KM Sufina Qawwali Ensemble - YouTube

TU HAI Video Song - MOHENJO DARO Songs - Hrithik Roshan - Pooja Hegde, A...

a. r. rahman | xsiktohpb5t7kdlz.D.0.a-r-rahman-international.jpg


LetMeFly By: Anonymous Listen with patience as I sing this song, It's a distant land to which I belong; Every night and day it used to rain, O how I wish to be there again! Life in that land was simply the best, Atop a banyan tree,there was my nest; There one could sense peace in every breath, Yet I live a life even worse than death. I used to be a dweller of the blue infinity, Now just a prisoner, imprisoned in this city; When I sing daily, you might feel pleased, But that's my appeal…

MOHENJO DARO Songs - SARSARIYA Video Song,Hrithik Roshan,Pooja Hegde