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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The 10 Most Evil Queens of All

Queen of The Damned (film, 2002) - Vampire Queen Akasha - worst vampire ever.. But check the rabbit hole for other movies we missed!


Wendy Williams Responds To The Backlash On The Aaliyah Movie In Hot Topics: "IT WAS THE SECOND HIGHEST RATED MOVIE ON CABLE TV!” - #wendywilliams #Aaliyahmovie

#LifetimeBiopics and #LifetimeBeLike are the Hashtags You Need After the Aaliyah Movie

The Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime happened tonight and I missed it but it’s coming on again so I’ll DVR to watch tomorrow. Anywho, folks say it’s so bad that the word “bad” is offended that it’s even associated with the movie. And to think. The Whitney Houston biopic is still ... Follow the Awesomely L


Zendaya Dropped out of the Aaliyah Movie! Here's Why She Changed Her Mind


Lifetime's Aaliyah Movie Memes From Twitter And Instagram (18 Photos)

Lifetime's Aaliyah movie memes went viral on Twitter and Instagram after the Aaliyah fans didn't find the film to appealing.