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According to my family, abortion is a sin. Every life is a life, no matter how early in the pregnancy you might be. Horrible shame would have been brought to our family if an abortion had been performed and it's likely that my religious parents would not speak to us again.

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Linda Suhler, Ph.D. on

So DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! If your thinking about aborting your living child PLEASE consider the value of your baby!


1776 Declaration of Independence and US Constitution 14th amendment ensures: right to life. We are all created human at conception, and our heartbeat starts at 21 days after fertilization. Contemporary Science says that the fetus is human, and our law says they have the right to life so we all should stop the legal murder of thousands of innocent babies whatever religion we believe in. "Women's Rights" do not include murder.


In Defense of the Defenseless | Wow this is so good. Keep praying and taking the necessary action to end abortion now.