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♡ August 9, 1955 • Marilyn arrives at University of Illinois Airport, heading to Bement, IL after landing to help celebrate the town's centenary. She judges a beard contest, delivers a speech at the Abraham Lincoln Museum, and visits an art exhibit among the festivities. 💛💙💜💚❤️💘🌟🌟😍😘 _ [ #MarilynMonroe #NormaJeane #MM #Monroe #Marilynettes #Manroes #classic #oldhollywood #1950s #vintage #retro ]


Abraham Lincolns Hat, Cane, and Gloves

I saw these items at the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Ill. This is probably one of his hats. He often stored important documents under there and, "fished" them out when he needed them.


FAKE: Daguerreotype of Lincoln and his family in front of the White House. FACT: This is a modern photo of mannequins at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois (note the man in modern clothes walking in the background.)


Cases including the contents of Abraham Lincoln’s pockets, Top Hat and Greatcoat from the night of the assassination. Items now on display as part of “Silent Witnesses” at the Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership. Photo by Gary Erskine.