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During Absence Seizures People Will Often Just Look Like They are Staring Off Into Space and May Walk Around Aimlessely

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What is an absence seizure? An absence seizure causes a short period of “blanking out” or staring into space. Like other kinds of seizures, they are caused by abnormal activity in a person’s brain. You may also hear people call absence seizures petit mal (“PUH-tee mahl”) seizures, although that name is not common anymore. There are two types of absence seizures:

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Sarah Jayne Has Staring Moments, A fictional children's book for child absence seizure epilepsy by Kate Lambert and Rebecca Morris. Sarah Jayne Possembury is 7 years old and has Staring moments , a condition better known as absence seizures - a form of epilepsy. Sitting at the breakfast table, Sarah Jayne finds herself remembering various problematic situations which have occurred at school due to her staring moments . School has become a difficult place for Sarah...

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If only people were more educated to the types of seizures people with epilepsy can have. Spread epilepsy awareness!

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