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How To Write An Absent Letter To A School | Bagnas - leave of absence letter

Classroom Organization: Managing Student Absences. Great tips from a high school teacher on how to keep track of student absences and the work missed!


Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week! {and a FREEBIE!!!}

I'm Absent folder cover FREEBIE! Use this to have your students help organize and collect work for absent students.

Mac is a student crime boss who has the ability to get students anything. Test answers, protection from a bully, forged absent letters ect. Anything that can help you survive Middle School Mac can get. He and his best friend Vince run their operation in the vacant 4th stall in the east wing boy’s bathroom.


Thanks Dad! A Letter to Fathers

If you have children you should raise them. Do not be a absent father just because some bimbo wants your kids out of the way!!!