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A Billion Degrees of Separation: TEMPERATURE - From absolute zero to 'absolute hot'

Infographic: Absolute zero to ‘absolute hot’


Absolute Zero: Absolute Awesome

Absolute Zero: Absolute Awesome - Sci Show. Hank explains absolute zero: degrees Celsius - and the coldest place in the known universe may surprise you. Length:


Atoms Reach Record Temperature, Colder than Absolute Zero

Atoms Reach Record Temperature, Colder than Absolute Zero

Robert Boyle pioneered the idea of an absolute zero. The zero point of any thermodynamic temperature scale, such as Kelvin or Rankine, is set at absolute zero. By international agreement, absolute zero is defined as 0K on the Kelvin scale and as −273.15° on the Celsius scale. This equates to 0 R on the Rankine scale. Scientists have achieved temperatures very close to absolute zero, where matter exhibits quantum effects such as superconductivity and superfluidity.


Absolute zero is no longer absolute zero

Absolute zero is no longer absolute zero. Scientists have rewritten the known laws of physics after hitting a temperature lower than absolute zero. Physicists at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany created a quantum gas using potassium atoms, fixing them in a standard lattice group using magnetic fields and lasers.


Physicists have created a quantum gas that goes below absolute zero! The possibilities blow my mind...


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