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How your gate reacts to you and your visitors is fully customisable thanks to our extensive range of access controls. Access control can be as simple as pressing a button or as advanced as your smart home technology systems. IQW Gates can offer a full range of access interfaces and designs to suit all automated gate types, buildings and building designs.

IP AND SMART PHONE ACCESS CONTROL IP Access Controls allow you to control access to a property via a smart phone or tablet app anywhere in the world via a wifi signal. These smart home automation entry systems connect via your property internet connection to a smart phone or tablet. You can connect up to 10 devices for a single occupancy home and can also be configured for multiple tenancy residences.

IQ Gates are fully certified under the ‘Gate Safe’ legislation and can provide you with the full installation of gate, automation, access control and safety equipment as well as a full service package.

HOMELINK® ACCESS CONTROL HomeLink® is the UK’s most trusted wireless control system for automated entrance gates. The HomeLink® system is integrated into your car interior allowing you to easily open and close your gates, as well as other automated elements of your home, from inside your car without having to hunt for your key fob! Simply press a button inside your car and your gates will open and close automatically without you having to leave the car.

Central chamber I remember this from Halo - it was one of 5 nearly identical rooms that took asset re-use to new heights of dull:/

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Honeywell NexWatch DigiReader DR4208s Long Range Proximity Badge Access Reader

Honeywell Nexwatch Digireader DR4208S Long Range Proximity Badge Access Reader…

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MAC Address or Media Access Control Address

MAC Address or Media Access Control Address is the hardware address of each network adapter, which is a unique identifier of the device in a network. The MAC address is on the data link layer (layer 2) of the OSI model. In the IEEE it is the bottom layer. MAC Address has nothing to do with Apple Mac.