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Community Post: Signs You Might Be A Zebra

This is why I hate the effing pain scale. It's meaningless. Like my 6 is most people's 10. And health care "professionals" don't believe it can be that bad, so we end up undertreated. Stop punishing chronic pain patients. Don't we already suffer enough?

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Path to Perfection

View Full-Size Kerri Pajutee requires many working stages for the completion of each highly accurate scale animal model.

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Scientists Succeed In Objectively Measuring Pain

Lol I should have this for that person who is chatting with their family member and then turns and tells me her pain is a 10! We say a 9 should be "Chop my leg off with no anesthesia, Just get it off!" 10 can't speak any more.

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Spectacular rendering of the solar system to scale

Great illustration of the size of the planets and "dwarf planets" after Neptune. From left: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the dwarf planets Plut... - Illustration by Roberto Ziche


Yup! I hate that stupid pain scale. I have said it is a 10 before and the docs just laughed at me saying I would be dying if it were that bad. How rude!