ACL Rehab Protocol Following Surgery: there is a large emphasis on proprioception work to regain the stability of the knee. Find out more about ACL rehab

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10 Golden Rules of ACL Rehab | Yes Knee Can: ACL Surgery Recovery

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Killer leg workout to do at the gym! You'll definitely walk away feeling this in your way to a better lower body!
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[ACL PreHab] Running Sports CrossFit and much more will put a lot of demand on your knees and ACL if you are not optimally aligned. A Valgus Knee Movement or an inward movement of the knees when squatting lunging jumping or running will place a lot of stress inappropriately on your ACL. Valgus Knee Movement can be caused by a lot of different conditions: Tight Calf Muscles - especially the lateral or outside segments of the Gastrocnemius and Soleus. Weak Hips - namely a weak Glute Mediu...

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