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Parthenon, Greece - The Parthenon is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis dedicated to the Greek goddes Athena.


The Parthenon and the other roughly 2,500-year-old temples have been either carefully restored or precisely copied and reassembled. #Travel to #Athens #Greece

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Porch of the Caryatids, Parthenon, Athens, Greece.

Visited the Acropolis/Parthenon, the Olympic stadium, temple of Zeus, saw the changing of the guards, and so much else! Amazing trip!


Athens from the Sea, or, How I Nearly Died

Sunset Acropolis, Athens - Makes me giggle... I remember performing for a ball, full of VIP's in the middle of my solo, my shoe flew off and landed in the Dutch Ambassador's food.... He made me collect it personally after the show... How embarrassing


The #Parthenon is a temple dedicated to goddess Athena on the Acropolis. It is the most significant structure of Greece and its beautifully decorated sculptures are the highlights of Greek art.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus Theater in Athens ~ was built at the base of the Acropolis in about 161 A.D. by Roman philosopher Herodes Aticus, Greece, Photo by Paolo Gamba