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Taylor Lautner 1. Taylor Daniel Lautner was born Feb. 11, 1992, in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Daniel and Deborah Lautner, a pilot and software developer respectively. The Lautner family permanently moved to California in 2002 for him to pursue an acting career, and his first real job was on the 2011 made-for-TV film Shadow Fury.


Some dyslexics find it hard to organize on paper the ideas and information in their head. The linear nature of paper or a word document might not be the right thought process representation for some. Mindjet Maps is an app that allows for a visual approach to organizing information.


Social Media Crisis Management [Infographic] - The fine folks at ActOn Software have put together this infographic outlining five levels of social media crises, from Low (a customer posts a snarky tweet about your business) to Severe (you or someone representing your business tweets something offensive and incendiary). | via @borntobesocial


Procrastination: How to silence the fears that...

When we imagine the worst, we procrastinate to avoid it. To stop acting like a paralyzed procrastinator, we need reality checks to stay clear-sighted. The July 9, 2013 Unstuck newsletter offers tips to get us moving again.


MaKey MaKey Inventors Kit / Steven Seagal isn’t the only one who can turn daily use items into a weapon.