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From the Game GalHere's a list of phrases to play an acting game like charades. All of the phrases are actions to act out. Have students take turns acting out a phrase silently in front of the class. The rest of the class tries to guess what the student is acting out.You can cut along the lines to cut the words into strips that students could draw from a bowl, or just read the words out loud.For detailed instructions on how to play charades, more free word lists, and even more games and…


Tips and Tricks for Parents Teaching Kids about Emotions

Play this funny acting game inspired by the movie Inside Out the next time your little one needs to practice reacting positively to a situation. Write several frustrating events on slips of paper, put them in a cup, choose an event, and take turns acting out two possible reactions to the event. One reaction can be funny and irrational, and the other should reflect the more positive choice. Using humor helps kids learn to make smart choices when dealing with life’s little and big…


An Adverb Acting Game

Activities: An Adverb Acting Game I do this, and my kids always love doing it (even the ones who think they are too cool most of the time) #adverbs #grammar


Five Easy Drama Games for the Early Elementary Classroom-Interested in fostering #creativity in the classroom but lack the space or resources for an elaborate theater production?


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