Must watch anime show!! Noragami and Noragami aragoto AKA:Season 2 (supernatural, action, comedy)

Crunchyroll - Crunchyroll Adds "Wagnaria!!3," "Charlotte," and "Classroom☆Crisis" to Summer 2015 Lineup

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Summer 2013: Blood Lad by Brain’s Base // Loved the first episode. // FINISHED // OK... // ★★★★★★

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Golden Time

Just finished this anime it was such a good watch would recommend it to anyone - Golden Time

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Day 22. Subs or dubs: depends on the anime. If it's a comedy I'd rather watch it in English because they often add more to the script, but if it's horror or action I'd rather watch it in Japanese because I'm just watching it for the plot and not the jokes, plus the Japanese sounds more realistic I guess. Overall though it doesn't really matter to me, I'm cool with either.

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Coming soon to a computer near you,,, from the minds of Ufotable studios,,, Comes a psychological and Mecha genre story, of a helpful and intelligent main character that doesn't want to die. watch this 6 part OVA series to question your beliefs and sanity........... ......Harlie and the Mechanical Seal....... (this film is not yet rated)

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Blue Exorcist, also known as Ao no Exorcist, is an action comedy fantasy shonen manga with Multiple Demographic Appeal by Katou Kazue. Description from I searched for this on

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