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How to use Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal is a good resource for teeth whitening, in case of accidental poison ingestion, and spider bites and similar maladies.


Activated charcoal has the amazing ability to attract toxins like a magnet. When you ingest activated charcoal, it attracts toxins and heavy metals like mercury. Because it is not digested, it stays inside the digestive tract until it is eliminated, taking the toxins out with it in your waste! #activatedcharcoal #detox #heavymetals


I love activated charcoal. It’s been a lifesaver for me, and I definitely recommend keeping it on hand at all times in your family’s medicine cabinet. Activated charcoal has been used medicinally since the 1500’s for absorbing poisons in the digestive tract. In fact, a story is told that in 1813, “Michel Bertrand swallowed five grams of arsenic trioxide: 150 times the lethal dose. He had mixed it with activated carbon beforehand. He experienced no nausea, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no…

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Activated Charcoal Dosage for Dogs

Activated Charcoal Dosage for Dogs for poisons and toxins

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Pineapple Charcoal Detox

Routinely used in hospitals and emergency rooms to help with acute poisonings or overdoses, activated charcoal is considered a health food when consumed in very small doses. Because it binds and flushes toxins via adsorption, a process in which the toxins get stuck to the charcoal and leave the body when it does, it’s a great gentle detoxifier that may also help with gas and bloating.


Removing my Amalgam fillings to get the mercury out! if you still have fillings but get a few removed, immediately take activated charcoal or other binder after appt to mop up any loosed mercury. Take big dose of vit c in the evening and continue on the vit c. Helps protect against further damage. epsom salt baths, maybe even half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in bath.


I used Crest Whitening Strips for a long time.  Actually, I was kind of nutty about using them.  I loved how white they made my teeth...but it all came at the price of constant temperature sensitiv...