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¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!Christmas activities in Spanish from Languages Corner on (21 pages) - ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!Christmas activities in Spanish

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Preterite - Eight Stations Activity in Spanish

Preterite - Eight Stations Activity in Spanish by Angie TorreHave you ever wished you could multiply the teacher's presence in a classroom of 30 plus students in order to give your language learners more opportunities to hear and speak the language? This activity provides eight more teachers and keeps students communicating in Spanish for one or two entire class periods as they proceed from one station to the next asking and answering questions.

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Libro 2 Lección 1: ¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre? ¿Qué prefieres hacer?

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American Imperialism Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer is a great front loading or ending activity for American Imperialism. It covers American motives, Spanish American War, annexation of Hawaii, Panama Canal, Open Door Policy in China, along with the presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.

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FREE Days of the week wheel Laminate the wheel, attach to laminated cardstock with brad so it can turn, add a mini clothespin at the top of the cardstock, place in students' binders. Students can turn the wheel to the right day and hold it with the clothespin. Add school and house pics to the correct days before laminating. On school holidays could just X out the school pic.

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Groundhog Day {Craft and fun activities in English and Spanish}

Your students will LOVE these fun/engaging activities! What's included? *Craft {Pictures and patterns} *All about groundhogs {English and Spanish} *What is a

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El Ciclo del Agua (Water Cycle) Activities in Spanish

El Ciclo del Agua (water cycle) activities in Spanish - vocabulary, task cards, foldable, and diagram

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Language Cops in the Classroom? How To Set Up a Classroom Crime Scene (and 8 Language Activities You Can Do with It)

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10 Icebreakers for the Language Classroom

10 Beginning-of-the-Year Icebreakers and Games {in the World Language Classroom}. Need some good low-pressure, community-building activities to start off the year? Find them here!

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