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Here's The Buzz: 16 Plants That Benefit Bees

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Acute Stress Disorder Scale (ASDS): 19 item self-report checklist to assess acute stress reactions in older teens. #traumainformed #assessment #pediatrics

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Media Exposure to Traumatic Events Can Be More Stressful Than Being There

Someone Hacked My Facebook - What to Do If Someone Hacks Your Account - Woman's Day 9 Steps You Must Take If Someone Hacks Your Facebook or Email Regain control of your account and protect yourself from future trouble

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Acute Stress Reaction-- (also called acute stress disorder, psychological shock, mental shock, or simply shock) is a psychological condition arising in response to a terrifying or traumatic event, or witnessing a traumatic event.

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Trauma can lead to acute stress disorder, which is similar to PTSD but includes dissociative symptoms.

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Adrene-Vive 60 Capsules by Ortho Molecular Products by Ortho Molecular Products. $43.00. During times of acute stress, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is over-stimulated and needs help re-balancing. The over-production of cortisol and other stress hormones is typical for individuals with HPA axis overload. AdreneVive is formulated to help respond to HPA axis overload by reducing cortisol levels and limiting the negative impact of acute adrenal stress.