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from AdWeek

Facebook's Key to Conquering the World: Beating the Ad Blockers

Facebook is determined to defeat ad blockers. Daniel O'Leary The most aggressive force in ad-blocking technology is pitted against the world's mightiest social network. The stakes have never been higher for both parties.

from Business Insider

Adblock Plus is making a surprising leap into ad tech

It's launching a supply-side platform (SSP) that will allow publishers to insert what it deems "acceptable ads," which won't be blocked by Adblock Plus (unless users apply the strictest settings) on their sites.

from TechCrunch

Facebook ads still slipping past Adblock Plus via stripped-down code

Facebook ads still slipping past Adblock Plus via stripped-down code

Massive Malvertising Campaign! #adblockplus #malvertising #malvertisingcampaign #stayawayfromthis

Massive Malvertising Campaign! #adblockplus #malvertising #malvertisingcampaign #stayawayfromthis

from Marketing Land

Why Ads In Apps Can’t (And Probably Won’t) Be Blocked

All eyes are on ad blocking, spurred in part by Apple's iOS 9 release. Columnist Rob Rasko discusses what's in store and explains why in-app ads aren't likely to get blocked.

from Marketing Land

Round 2: Peace Ad Blocker Pulled & CNET Fights Back

Ad blocking war heats up as blockers top the App Store, some publishers fight back by hiding content from people using blockers