Adam deiver

Adam Driver (Kylo Ren)....he's total Bae material...and in that Star Wars attire...gah!!! #fangirlingsohard

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Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens @ Walt Disney Pictures / Lucasfilm

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Adam Driver from Force Awakens press conference- something about the fact that he has dimples always makes me happy- please let Ben Solo be happy at some point, JJ!

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The moment after Han Solos death scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Created in Photoshop CS6

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Kylo Ren--I'm not even sorry about how many pictures of him I'm pinning...he's SUCH a great character! So complicated....and there IS still light in him...

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Why Kylo Ren Of 'Star Wars' Is The Disney Prince We Never Asked For #itsliketherewasneverahelmethelmethair

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