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Adam Driver Height

Spoiler Alert! Lena and Adam Reignite Their Girls Love

Spoiler Alert! Lena Dunham and Adam Driver Reignite Their Girls Love on Set


New Star Wars Photos Reveal The Villain, A Space Pirate And Lots More

Good news, everyone! JJ Abrams killed Jar Jar Binks (probably). Also, Vanity Fair has Star Wars: The Force Awakens set pics with lots of new information, including what’s behind the main villain’s mask, a brand new space pirate, and much, much more.


'Girls': Play time for Adam and Marnie

Adam Sackler & Hannah Horvath (HBO's Girls) played by Adam Driver and Lena Dunham


The best part about this movie is the massive height difference between Daniel Radcliffe and Adam Driver. (Also the fact that it's Kylo Ren and Harry Potter)


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