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Innate & adaptive systems work hand in hand. Humoral immunity (primarily involving B lymphocytes) & cellular immunity (involving T lymphocytes) are distinct but overlapping areas of adaptive immunity. Many interactions between innate and adaptive defenses are NOT shown here.

Adaptive Immunity Now let’s have a look at the other arm of the immune system: adaptive immunity. Adaptive immunity is the body’s way of mounting an immune response that is specific for each pathogen. B- and T-lymphocytes, or B- and T-cells are central to adaptive immunity. They are able to recognize each kind of invading pathogen and respond with a large, focused response tailored to that specific invader. What’s more, each time a new pathogen is…


Leukocytes ~ macrophages, neutrophils, mast cells, natural killer cells, dendritic cells- macrophages = phagocytose pathogen and then act as antigen presenting cell.- neutrophils = Polymorphonuclear leukocytes = PMNs = phagocytose pathogen and destroys it.- mast cells: release histamine during an allergic response, bring about


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