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Introduction to Adblock Plus Adblock Plus Surf the web without annoying ads! Blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads - even on Facebook and YouTube Unobtrusive ads aren't being blocked in order to support websites (configurable) It's free!

Adblock Plus is a free extension for Firefox that strips adverts from web-pages. This video shows you how it works, how to install it, uninstalling it and getting help - all in just over a minute. The extension is available from we produced this video because we're long-time users of Adblock Plus and Firefox and we wanted to do some open-source advocacy.


Adblock Plus is the most popular adblocker available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android and Internet Explorer. Block all annoying ads all over the web: remove video ads on YouTube, block Facebook ads, get rid of pop-ups and much more. On Google Chrome, Adblock Plus is one of the fastest growing extensions ever. Our adblock for Chrome is being used by 10 million people. Download online for free now!

Blocking annoying ads was never automatic ... until today: Adblock Plus is now integrated directly into Maxthon Browser!


Disrupting the media industry is easy. Not long ago, I moused over to, clicked on a green button that said,

Efficacy Study - Web browsing around various popular websites and watching videos on video sharing websites.

Check out THE FIRST ad blocker available for Samsung 7 phone! (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) You can find more details in our blog: For download:

Links included in this video: This tutorial will show you how to remove ads from your browser quickly and easily. This a a secure solution that is safe and straightforward. It will work on Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer to remove ads on YouTube, Google, Facebook and other social media, and it will remove commercials from your favorite online TV channels.