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Addition And Subtraction Practice

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FREE Addition and Subtraction Card Games

Activity for ages 4 to 7. LEGO fans will love these playful addition and subtraction game boards. They’re a motivating way to work on addition to five, subtraction within five and practicing addition and subtraction at the same time. Grab your free set (below) and then pick up even more K-2 math activities kids will love! …


This simple activity is a great way to help kids see the connection between addition and subtraction, as well as practice writing addition and subtraction number sentences! Perfect for first grade!

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FREE Equation Search Puzzles

This set of addition and subtraction equation searches is a fun and unique way for kids to practice their math skills! This set focuses on addition and subtraction within 40, and is perfect for kindergarten and first grade.

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HOT Pencils {Addition and Subtraction Practice & Memorization}

HOT Pencils {Addition and Subtraction Practice & Memorization} Two minutes a day. 50 facts. Increase fact memorization. Improve scores. Master basic math facts. Have fun!!


Freebie! Adding and subtracting with dinosaur number line fun! 2 pages of addition practice(sums to 10), and 2 pages of subtraction practice(numbers to 10). 6 problems per page.


This is a two page document that offers 60 addition and 60 subtraction problems. They can be used for timed assessment, practice pages, or homework. The addition covers sums 10-20 with single digit addends (and 10+10). The related subtraction facts have differences of 10 or less by subtracting a single digit (and 10) from numbers 11-20.


Engage your students with this FREE end of the year math activity and get them practicing both their multi-digit addition and subtraction skills and their critical thinking skills! Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000 Logic Puzzle {FREE} includes 18 problems and a logic puzzle for students to solve.