Adele lost weight

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Adele was a winner at the Grammy Awards, but will a scandalous new biography derail her success?

Adele was a big winner at the 2017 Grammy Award Ceremony, taking home 5 Grammys and Song of the Year. Her winning weight loss impressed viewers, too. But then, the "Hello" singer lost it, dropping the f-bomb and flubbing her George Michael tribute. She recovered and apologized, but not before offending some folks.

Lol. Love her to death tho. At least she did something about the weight and never let people get her down. I believe she's probably one of the only artist that lost weight for herself instead of the media. She couldn't have cared less about their opinions. When you're good, you're good.

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This Is The Diet That Transformed Adele! She’s Lost 30 Pounds And Looks Better Than Ever!

words and quotes and stuff More Adele. It's amazing how feelings about relationships are so universal when it feels like you're the only one with a broken heart.

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