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The Garinuga people are a unique component of the cultural melting pot that is Belize. Often described as the Garifuna (technically Garifuna is the adjective form of Garinuga), this unique culture was born more than 400 years ago when imported slaves intermarried with local Carib and Arawak peoples on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. In 1802, after being harried by British forces, the Garifuna arrived on the shores of Belize where they have been a proud component of the local culture…

Adjectives {Comparative and Superlative} Order Up! Set #1

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Distinction between noun and adjective forms of nationalities in the English language

Spanish Descriptive Adjectives: Adjectives for People Packet (Los Adjetivos)

This packet contains a reference guide with the most commonly used Spanish adjectives and practice worksheets.Page 1: Adjectives Reference GuidePage 2: Write the opposite of each adjective listed.Page 3: Draw a self-portrait and write a paragraph about your physical attribute and personality.Page 4: Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb "ser".Page 5: Translate the sentences from Page 4.Page 6: Write the plural forms of the adjectives listed.

This Is What Curvy Actually Looks Like

As a public service, BuzzFeed Life has consulted several actual dictionaries (which show “curvy” as the adjective form of “curve”) and compiled a helpful guide of what curvy really looks like.

The Coranians are a drawrven race of beings from Welsh mythology - the adjective form of this name is translated as "stunted" or "dwarfish".

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