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Adjectives Word Wall

This file contains 100 illustrated adjectives in a word wall format. All words are illustrated and the adjectives range from basic ones, such as tall or big, to more advanced words such as angelic, frustrated and exhausted. This word wall is geared towards primary and ESL students to help them expand their vocabulary so that they may speak and write with more style and precision.


Download a classroom ready 300 word personality adjectives list. Print out an A3 version and you can use it as a poster, at writing tables and for classroom games.


Adjective Word Challenge

Adjective Word Challenge A fun way to review parts of speech is with a word challenge! Depending on the level of your students they can work in pairs or individually to complete this challenge. For even more of a challenge have them try to come up with the most unique answers. Enjoy! 2nd grade 3rd grade 5th grade adjectives parts of speech


Learning Objectives:Explore the word order of adjectives. Explore the usage of compound adjectives. Demonstrate the usage of word order of adjectives and compound adjectives.This Resource Includes:1. A Detailed Lesson Plan2. Adjective Word Order Rubrics3.

The Oxford Dictionary Word of the year post-truth: Adjective - TASA