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blackbucky: Mythology Meme || Favorite Goddesses [1/10] || Bastest To those who were in her favor, she gave great blessings, but her wrath was legendary and she was sometimes listed as one of Ra’s avenging deities who punish the sinful and the enemies of Egypt. This is of course in keeping with her totem animal, the cat. Cats were sacred to Bast, and to harm one was deemed a great transgression. {x}

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Teaching Adverbs with a Circle Map (used in conjunction with WWW5)

This PowerPoint uses a Circle Map (Thinking Maps model) to teach students about adverbs. Separate PowerPoints are available to show students step-by-step instructions of how to build sentences.Check out the free downloads: Teaching Nouns with a Tree Map, Teaching Verbs with a Tree Map, Teaching Adjectives with a Circle Map, WWW1: Teaching and Practice: Subjects and Power Verbs, Assessing Subjects and Power Verbs. (WWW stands for Wonderful Words of the Week.)


Teaching Adjectives with a SHOW & TELL activity. This video explains how to introduce adjectives using a show and tell activity. This activity is a perfect HOOK to get students engaged. Includes printable worksheets and information to send home to parents.

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French Adjectives with Prepositions - Learn French

When describing someone as capable of doing or determined to do something, a preposition is required between the adjective and verb.

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Mentor Texts - Teaching Adjectives and a Freebie


Get kids to alliterate adjectives with a name and verb after they pick up a scrabble tile or a folded chit eg Beautiful Bipasha is bowling. Time for 15 seconds and a chorus countdown from 10 after that.

Twist on Montessori Detective Adjective by LaPaz Home Learning: Use buttons or something else that you have on hand for this. Great idea!!!

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Adjective Adventures Game: Common Core aligned

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Loving Language Task Cards - Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

This is a great way to practice CCSS with your students!!! These task cards focus on adjectives with a fun theme in which students are asked to complete a sentence with the correct adjective to get the right answer. This is a fun way to get students to practice a skill that is more abstract. An answer key is also included with answers for all of the task cards. You can use these as assessments (a great formative or summative assessment, with the ability to differentiate)