Adopt an animal and teach your little ones about giving back. My girls wanted an pet. What better way to teach them about giving.

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What drives ppl to hunt one of the world's most endangered and much loved species #tigers? Watch 'Confessions of a tiger poacher'. With about 3,200 left in the wild this iconic species teeters at the edge. Poaching and the illegal wildlife trade are among the gravest threats to the tiger's survival. We are working with former poachers and local governments to stop the poaching and save the species.

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Species Adoptions Donate to WWF and choose your favorite symbolic adoption. It’s a gift that helps protect our living planet! Adopt a Tiger

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Great Dane Coat Colors - Adoptables (closed) by ~Anellyz on deviantART

SIberian tiger carrying its cub. Find out to make a donation and protect these animals from wildlife crime.

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© Staffan Widstrand/ WWF Adopt a tiger! In the past 100 years, wild tiger numbers have plummeted by around 95%, to as few as 3,200. Help us protect the future of the world's largest big cat.

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World Wildlife Fund | Adopt a Tiger - Symbolic animal adoption, this has been my GO-TO birthday gift for kids this year, and they absolutely LOVE them! theres about 100 different animals to choose from, and it comes with a photo, adoption certificate, gift bag, and stuffed animal. Great gift idea, and it supports a great cause!

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