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Our First Adoption Story-- grab some tissues

Our First Adoption Story– grab some tissues


This Family's Adoption Story Will Fill Your Heart With Joy

This Family's Adoption Story Will Fill Your Heart With Joy. The story of adoption can be complicated and messy and beautiful all at once. Which makes sense, because life is complicated and messy and beautiful all at once. And so are children. All of them. It's our job to help them write their stories and fill in their gaps, wherever those gaps might be. We're a village of storytellers and gap fillers, and it might be more evident in some situations than others, but we're all sharing these…

Sassy, a Chihuahua rescue, barked for five hours to save her 92-year-old owner who had fallen!

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Just like Jacob, Sweet Baby Girl Jacob Chen - An Adoption Story. Drawing on Gospel parallels and the extent of God's pursuit, this film follows one couple as they meet their...


Today was a great day for Miss Saydee! The Millwood Family drove from Seattle to Portland to meet this sweet girl & immediately fell in love with her gentle soul. After a few walks around Petsmart everyone decided this was a perfect match. Saydee has a new human sister, Pelagia. She will get to spend her days at home with her furever mom, Anastasia. Thank you so much for rescuing Millwood Family!

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11 Things An Adoptee Wants You To Know About Adoption

Dear Adoptive Parents: Things You Need to Know Right Now - from an Adoptee

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An HIV Adoption Story

an adoption story (HIV+) in Parenting magazine


adoption story: jim and denise They had fears stepping into domestic adoption...would an expectant mother choose them? Would their age and the fact that they already had a child impact her decision? What about the risks of a failed adoption? Would they be able to handle all of the complexities of these issues and others? It turns out some of their greatest fears were realized. But also some of their greatest dreams. #adoption #domesticadoption

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One Adoption Story From The Heart Of Africa Worth Reading

An adoption story from the heart of Africa full of amazing moments and the brave faith of one fearless "Brit" and her family.


My {Grace Filled} Mess: adoption story: derek and stephenie Sometimes God exchanges time frames and averages and even heartbreak for miracles. Read Derek and Stephenie's story and how God brought their son to them in a matter of DAYS. #adoption #infertility #domesticadoption