Print out a chart that works with your home. Recycle an old frame and frame it. Post in an accessible place. Use a dry-erase marker to check things off as you do them. At the end of the day/week/month use a soft cloth to clean glass. Great for kids and adults!

Do It Yourself Chore Charts For Husbands and Wives. Motivate your spouse with monetary or goal based rewards + Free Printable Blank Chart to complete and use!

Weekly chore chart - free printable planner to keep you on task! Add it to your home management binder or frame it and easily check off your family responsibilities, a great chart for adults! Includes a pre-filled and blank chart.

My 3 Monsters: Housekeeping

A chore chart for grown-ups, and suggestions about what tools you need to do the work.

Daily chore chart for adults-I doubt I could take two days off if I did this.

Chore Chart Template i'm using and going to make my own!

A free laundry printable to laminate & magnet to the side of the dryer!

Uniquely Normal: Adult Chore Chart

Framed magnetic chore chart for multiple children. Place the types of chores in one box and each day divide up what needs to be done between the kids. Keeps them from being bored with the same to-do's every day.

DIY downloadable chore chart template with columns for day, week, month, season. (Ready to take it online? Try

Chore charts for adults to earn some extra money Free Printable blank chore chart you can customize!

Quick, easy keeping on schedule, Cleaning schedule. This looks better and more comprehensive than the first one I posted.

Chore charts; because every mom knows that when kids do their chores, it makes our life way easier! What a cute idea, much better than the white board we currently have :)

Organizing the Kids: Free Printable Chore Charts |

House clean check list

This may work for husbands or kids lol. Though for hubbys I might swap cash for coupons s/a foot rub, back rub, etc in exchange for housework!

I hate housework. By that I mean I resent the hell out of it. But I LOVE a clean house. My version if housework: it gets to a point I can't stand, clean like mad and then get POed if anyone dares mess it up. It is not a healthy cycle. Maybe this would work better.

Trying to set better habits for yourself? Check out this Printable Daily Health 'Chore Chart' for Grown-Ups! ‪#‎DailyRepairDifference‬ ‪#‎ad‬

Did you know they had names for so many chores? Which ones do you do? Can you add any new ones to the chart?

This is a cute idea... I would use it for whose turn is it for a sleepover with mom ;-) and movie night - they always fight over picking a movie!

A Chore System, and Money Management for Kids: A Video. 10% each, giving and investment... 40%each, spending and saving

Make index cards of these and put that day's card on the fridge every morning. Swap Sabbaths...

Household Chore Chart for Adults | Daily/Weekly Cleaning Chore Chart-FREE Printable

The Almost Perfectionist: Morning Routine Charts. Did it in an afternoon; woulda finished faster but Mommy duty calls and I had to keep stopping. I had to use superglue to get the magnets to stick.