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Adult Chore Chart

Adult Chore Chart...thinking it may be necessary to make/invest in one of these if I ever plan to NOT be doing all the housework

adult chore chart..i wonder what this list would look like if a man wrote a good idea to restore some order to the house though!!

Free Printable Chore Charts (for kids and adults)

Household Chore Chart for Adults | Daily/Weekly Cleaning Chore Chart-FREE Printable

Adult Chore Chart! Earn $$ for those purchases you want, but cant justify just buying because you want it! Earn together or make it a friendly competition!

Chore charts for adults to earn some extra money + Free Printable blank chore chart you can customize!

Polka Dot Pixies: Free Customizable Chore Chart. 4 different colors to choose from

A printable monthly chore chart in black and white with room to write in four chores a week for an entire month. Suitable for adults or children. Free to download and print

House of Bennetts chore-chart for adults. Chore chart for adults.

I heart chore charts: HOW they work for our family!

Why can't moms and dads earn a little extra allowance for chores around the house?  Free blank printable chore charts for adults to use for a little extra motivation when you just don't feel like doing your most dreaded house chores.

Weekly Chore Schedule - Home Ec 101: Home Ec for Adults and Those

A New Routine: The Adult Chore Chart

Chore chart...I like this idea....responsible child equals responsible adult

Weekly list of mom chores. I am so putting this next to my kids chore chart.

Uniquely Normal: Adult Chore Chart

Weekly Cleaning List - Adult Chore Chart

Chore chart for adults. An easy way to split up the chores with out feeling over worked.

Free Printable Pictures Chores | Free printable chore chart | Organizer & Lists

Not really a chore chart, well actually it is- this is a bill paying system, which is a chore for the adults in the family! Life Through This Lens: Resentment, Bills, and an Attitude of Gratitude - DIY

Polka Dot Pixies: Free Chore Chart ...Customizable for children or adults. 4 different colors to choose from

Print out a chart that works with your home. Recycle an old frame and frame it. Post in an accessible place. Use a dry-erase marker to check things off as you do them. At the end of the day/week/month use a soft cloth to clean glass. Great for kids and adults!

OUTRAGE...what do I see? I see a set of house rules for kids that says, "do not ask adults why"...This breaks my heart. All this organization and efficient teaching is wasted by teaching someone to not ask why. Sometimes there is no reason we know of, and sometimes there is no answer, but we must never teach them to stop asking.

  • Melissa Wheeler

    Thanks Kerry Harvey I may have misunderstood

  • Kerry Harvey

    Not sure if you read the actual blog before you commented on the picture. I think the issue is, kids will often say why do I have to do something because they are expressing they don't want to do it. It's not about wanting to know why do we do it this way. This is my experience.

  • Patrick Angel

    My rule is you can ask 'why' after you do it. It's totally open for discussion, after you do what I tell you.

  • Melissa Wheeler

    YOu can teach a child to question authority in a respectful way. I agree the "Dont ask " is not the way to go. This is the very idea that keeps children from going to parents later in life when they need them most. NOT all adults are right all the time. This is the time to teach them how to communicate respectfully, have a mind of their own and allow them to come to you. Children who are taught this way (dont ask) can fall pray to "Bad" adults with bad intentions. What they learn to do at home is what they will learn to do in school and elsewhere.

  • Tara Lolley

    I think it could be reworded maybe don't talk back instead....

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chore charts...this may work the adult family members in my house

Keeping it clean