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Advanced Robotics


A Plan in Case Robots Take the Jobs: Give Everyone a Paycheck

For some technologists, machine intelligence is not seen as a job-killing catastrophe, but something like a windfall that could lead to universal basic income.


Mercedes-Benz wants robots to deliver goods in your neighborhood

Volvo's 'Drive Me' program will tests its autonomous cars on public roads

Neato introduces cheaper Botvac, takes a jab at pricey Roomba

MOTI the robot wants to help you form good habits

Anki's Cozmo can express itself with over 530 animations

Xiaomi's robot vacuum is here, and it already sucks more than Roomba


Harvard's Octobot is a beautifully engineered soft robotic octopus

Rumor has it Uber-rival Grab has partnered with self-driving taxi startup nuTonomy

“I feel like the Terminator”: One-armed man’s life transformed by advanced robot hand A one-armed man’s life has been transformed by a robot hand so accurate it can grip an egg without cracking it. Nigel Ackland’s advanced bionic limb has given him back the ability to do everyday tasks such as peeling vegetables, tying laces and typing. The 53-year-old lost his right arm below the elbow after it was crushed in an industrial ­accident six years ago. He struggled with NHS prosth