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You might think NASA is a big bureaucratic agency that only operates according to rules, regulations, and process — and you'd mostly be right. But the space agency is also full of dreamers and...

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A PR agent in Tokyo is trying to get attention in the advert-saturated capital by placing adverts on young women's thighs. Participants, who must be over 18, are recommended to wear miniskirts and long socks to draw attention to the campaigns. More than 3,000 women registered to give up their skin to become 'billboards'

Pan Am the airline of the future. The National AeroSpace Plane was never built and Pan Am went defunct.

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Advertising Space... what was in your heart when it stoped going...everybody around you was corrupted... there's no dignity in dead... no one learned from your mistakes

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1. At least one decision will be easy. Just stick with your school colors, mascot and motto to get a crowd-pleasing calendar!

"Play for Africa" by Anita Lam (United States). Good50x70. 2010, Play for Africa brief.

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Not what most people would pick as one of Robbie's shining moments, but Advertising Space from his overlooked 2005 effort, Intensive Care, is a song to savor and one of his most thought-provoking singles. Even better is the next track to follow this on the album, Please Don't Die. He's more than Angels you know. He's also got a new album out later this year.