"I remember walking through the city streets with a former boss once. Along the way, we passed many homeless people seeking cash and encouragement. He said out loud which of them should receive anything. I wondered silently how he could judge since, although I knew he'd had a troubled childhood, he'd never lived a day on the street . <3"

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You cant make somebody "get it". Effort is a reflection of interest and you can't force them to see that you're worth it. Be wise enough not to waste your time, patient enough not to settle, and stron

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This is great advice for life in general, but I'm applying it to Pinterest. There is no contest for who gets the most followers and no trophy for the one with the best pins. I'm enjoying making my boards and, of course, I love being followed but do things your way here. Browse, pin, follow...whatever makes you happy. BLOOM...there's NO contest. Name calling, limiting pins (that you don't even own) and blocking is a disturbing form of greed. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can joyfully…

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Well, I'm glad I still have nine years to learn all of these truths. Good advice for life. Things I'm learning in my 20's.

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