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Mint Aero Chocolate Swiss Roll

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Make these awesome Desserts with Aero Chocolate Bars as a main ingredient! Make Cupcakes, Slow cooker Cakes, squares, fondu, and more

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Slow Cooker Chocolate and Mint Aero Bubble Cake

So it is Good Friday and I am bringing you .....more chocolate! Well it can't be avoided, this is the time of year for it after all. :-) This is a cake with a difference as it is made in my slow co...

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12 Awesome Recipes that Call for Aero Brand Chocolate Bars - Use up that # chocolate #Aero Bar

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Aero mint slice 2x 250g choc ripple biscuits 395g condensed milk 3x blocks aero mint chocolate 125g butter Crush biscuits and 1/2 of the aero chocolate blocks in blender, put into a bowl. Melt butter and condensed milk in saucepan. Mix all ingredients together. Put into slice tin lined with baking paper. Add more aero chocolate on top (if needed). Refrigerate until firm. NOTE: can also use cherry ripe or crunchie. Enjoy!

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Mint Aero Rocky Road!! ❤️ Quick, Easy, and Delicious Mint Aero Rocky Road. Chocolate Traybake Filling with Biscuits and Oodles of Mint Aero Goodness!

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5 Star Bars

5 Star Bars from My sister sent me this recipe raving about how good these squares were. They taste exactly like a chocolate bar we used to buy as kids called a 5 Star Bar. Hope you like them as much as we do.

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