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African American Poems

Maya Angelou -- otherwise known as "Miss Calypso!"


1858 – She refused to give up her seat or ride in the “colored” section of a segregated trolley car in Philadelphia (100 years before Rosa Parks) and wrote one her most famous poems, “Bury Me In A Free Land,” when she got very sick while on a lecturing tour. Her short story “The Two Offers” became the first short story to be published by an African American.

One of my favorite poems and the idea of expecting nothing has been with me since the book the Mircrobe Hunters. More sustaining for me than thinking you can have the sun, the moon, and the stars.


I hate hearing I'm "too black" from one side and "too white" from the other. Can't win because people want you to fit in their box. Just have to do you.

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Black Women in the American Revolutionary War

Phillis Wheatley was the first known African American poet and the first known female African American to publish a book. Her writings helped create African American Literature. She was bought at 17 by the Wheatley family who taught her how to read and write. Many white Americans didn’t believe an African could write poetry so they examined Wheatley in court later concluding that the poems she wrote were hers. "In my library." #TheTravelingMan

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My Black Me: A Beginning Book of Black Poetry

My Black Me: A Beginning Book of Black Poetry - EyeSeeMe African American Children's Bookstore