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“Cash Crop” — an evocative work of cement, fabric, steel and wood that compels viewers to imagine themselves squeezed into the hull of slave ship. It features 15 life-size sculptures of human beings in shackles representing the 15 million human beings kidnapped and transported by sea during the trans-Atlantic slave trade —people were not considered people; they were considered a good or commodity — ['Cash Crop' on display at the African American Museum in Philadelphia 2014]

from MadameNoire

13 Books That Every African-American Should Have In His/Her Home

This outstanding encyclopedic work details the achievements and history of the African diaspora.  Africana covers a full gamut of topics including history, literature, dance, religion, music and politics.  Indeed, this critical work intimates just how influential Africa and her descendants have been in shaping the world in which we live.


So many people want to start the history of African Americans with slavery. They really need to take the time to study some of the great African civilizations from whence we came. Cheikh Anta Diop wrote several books that were so enlightening to me as a child.

from Columbia University Press

The African Diaspora

"Only Patrick Manning—a leading scholar in both African and world history—could have written this magnificent book. Anyone who wishes to understand the history of global Africa will be grateful that he did." — Marcus Rediker, author of The Slave Ship: A Human History


Black Ourstory,African Diaspora,Black History