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Jellof Rice

I need to pin this jollof rice recipe not just because it's my absolute favorite dish but I can't get it right (very ashamed Ghanaian). I really will try the oven method like @Vicky Rucker @Vicky Tetteh stepdad.

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South African Melktert (Milktart)

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21 Deliciously Warming West African Dishes You Should Be Eating This Winter

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23 Nigerian Foods The Whole World Should Know And Love

Ogbono Soup grams ground Ogbono/African Mango Seeds 250 mls Palm Oil liters of Water tsp Salt Stock Cubes grams each) tsps ground dry Pepper tablespoons ground Crayfish --Dry Fish, Fish or cooked Meat

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Traditional Zobo Drink / Hibiscus Punch Recipe (Egyptian Karkade)

Forget over-boiled, over-sugared Zobo drinks. This 4-ingredient version of Zobo (Karkade/Sorrel/Hibiscus punch) is simple and refreshing. Afro-fusion food blog | Nigerian drink recipe | African food blog.

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Ghanaian Jollof Rice & Beef Kebab. I miss this-- though I never got beef in Ghana! Bring on the goat!

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North African Chicken Potato Patties from Mark Bittman's "The Best Recipes in the World" via Baltic Maid.

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AFRICAN BEEF STEW ~ naturally gluten free. This African beef stew recipe is slow-cooked to develop an unbeatable flavour and meltingly tender texture. The combination of spices used in this hearty stew is what creates a unique taste setting this stew apart from most. Serve as is or with rice

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Kenyan Samosa

We have some dear friends who moved here about three years ago from Kenya. To say that their friendship has enriched our lives would be an understatement. We have learned so much from them about contentment, needs vs wants, education and a whole host of other things. I’ve also learned how to make some pretty …

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Senegalese chicken yassa

Senegalese Chicken Yassa: tender chicken and caramelized onions in a delicious lemony sauce. West African style comfort food.

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