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African fravor

Coconut Fried Rice

Shrimp Coconut Fried rice with Plantains This is my fool proof coconut fried rice recipe, the secret to good fried rice is to make sure the prepared rice is completely cool before mixing it into th...


Chicken Paprika

Chicken Paprika Recipe I am going to perpetuate the black stereotype and tell you all that I LOVE CHICKEN, yes I do. What’s not to love though: they are protein rich, tasty and there are a million and one ways to


Ingredìents: 1 cup rìce 2 coconuts (mìlk from nuts) 1 lb shrìmp salt and pepper 1/2 cup dìced tomato 1/2 cup shredded carrot Dìrectìons: 1 Cook rìce wìth coconut mìlk ìnstead of water. 2 Add the sh…


Jollof Rice (With Basmati Rice)

NIgerian Jollof Rice with Basmati Rice...because there's nothing like getting a text from your husband while you're at work that says "My love last night's jollof is the best. I can't get enough of it." SWOON!


Basmati Fried Rice

Fried Basmati Rice 4 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil (divided) 2 cubes maggi 2 teaspoon curry powder (divided) 1 teaspoon thyme powder (divided) 2 cups mixed vegetables ¼ cups chopped spring onion (optional) 1.5 cups precooked shrimps or chicken (optional) ½ teaspoons crushed red pepper 1teaspoon salt 3 cups basmati rice


Jamaican Steamed Cabbage and Carrot