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The Gullah/Geechee people speak a creole language similar to the Sierra Leone Krio of their origin. They use African names, tell African folktales and make African-style handicrafts. They introduced us to many new foods and new ways of preparing them. Some of the foods brought from Africa were peanuts, okra, rice, yams, peas, hot peppers, sesame seeds, sorghum, and watermelon. The southern way of frying foods came from the Gullah. photo: Charleston SC Gullah street vendor, about 1900.


a list of early Moorish Family Clan Names from Medieval Times traceable to present day. Therefore, many Black people in the west, through slavery, who were given European surnames, are in-fact Moorish/African names from antiquities. The name Schwarzenegger is Moorish, from ancient black clans who lived in Germany. Life is circle, and every human is just a part of the whole race, despite what some profess.


Coastal residents aim to preserve rich African culture


Man who escaped slavery to study at Yale gets classroom named him after him | news


Disa Madiba's Pride 'Exotic Red' won "Best in Show Trophy; Disa" at the 19th World Orchid Conference. The cross, created by keynote speaker, Michael Tibbs, is - Disa Pride of Constantia x Disa Unifoam 'Majestic'. The hybrid was named for Nelson Mandela. Madiba is his local African name by which he is known in South Africa.


From rulers to slaves.... This is truly about existing in two opposite forms and just like in 'The Dark Crystal' it's time for our lowest self and highest self to merge as one so that we can transform and become the Godself! ~inspir8ional


Christianity. The early white Christians we're not trying to save the souls of black people when they converted them to Christianity. This is my irrefutable because the perceived it that blacks didn't have souls and that Heaven was for whites only.