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African Patterns

Tribal african pattern poster by PeanutoakPrint - inspiration for a quilt

"Loving is almost a substitute for thinking. Love is a burning forgetfulness of all other things. How shall we ask passion to be logical?" (Author: Victor Hugo)....African pattern: Masai swirl

Beautiful African Textile Designs from African Fabric House print pattern

african patterns - ideas for zentangle

rug. Would look awesome in a white walked room with a pop of colour!

Traditional African mud cloth symbols: Each piece of mudcloth tells a story. No two pieces are alike and each pattern and color combination has a meaning. The Smithsonian Institution put together a website with Flash video that steps you through the process The website & video were created in 2003 when Mali was featured at the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

African Pattern Handmade Art Print Black by Printerella on Etsy, £10.50

African Fabrics from flygirls.typepad....

African Fabric

Beautiful African Textile Designs from African Fabric House print pattern

Beautiful African Textile Designs from African Fabric House print pattern

Mud cloths (bogolanfini) are a distinctive fabric made by the Bamana peoples of Mali, West Africa. They are made into men's sleeveless loose tops and women's wrap-around skirts (tafe). Narrow pieces of cotton cloth are produced on treadle looms worked by men. These strips of cloth are then sewn together by hand to create a complete textile which is then resist-dyed.

African wax print fabrics- I could do a brush embroidery pattern on the cake so it looks a little similar to this

african sculptures | African art

xx..tracy porter..poetic wanderlust...- African Baskets;

Patterned Out --- Ethno for Annabelle Magazine - Akris

Crocheted hippo ravelry pattern! Heidi Bears - a true yarn artists! I have 1 last pattern to purchase from her from this range then I'm happy and complete ♥ Seriously, if you love crochet and love creating African flower motifs then buy buy BUY! ★

  • Renee B.

    I wish I knew how to crochet! Maybe someone who does will make me one! Maybe a floppy giraffe! Yes Please!

  • Netta Brodrick

    Looking forward to trying Hippo

  • Michelle Brooks

    I have, personally, made 12 of her projects - 5 were hippos. You can make your motif smaller (with the correct amount of sides, each) and you can make different size hippos! The possibilities are endless with different colors and sizes! They are a lot of fun! Heidi Bears has some amazing crochet patterns - they are all well worth the small cost she asks. The cost of the pattern is nothing compared to the quality of work she puts into these amazing, well written, patterns!

  • P.j. Laney


pink chess pattern www.lablikes.tumb...

This crochet pattern is so pretty! I really want to make a baby blanket from it. Now I"ll just need to find someone who's having a baby girl to give it to! :-)

  • Cindy Jossart

    Why wait for someone to have a baby? Add extras and make one for yourself.

ShweShwe fabric. sort of retro. sketchy. pattern.

Dose of Design: Love it! - African pattern dhurrie rug

Africa | Asante Wrapper. Ghana | mid to late 19th century | Imported cotton cloth and black pigment | Historically Asante royalty wore adinkra, large wrappers with stamped patterns, only during periods of mourning. Though still worn in times of grief, adinkra cloths recently have become increasingly fashionable at social festivities and nonfunerary functions.

Wax Print Obama Design Fabric -- Obama110304 (via Africanpremier on Etsy)

WIP Sunday - What's on Your Hook? Week 2 Entry African Flower with 8 Petals (Square) by Nicole Hancock Free Pattern

African patterns (one of .....100000000 in this web page)Inspiration!