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FREE App: European Exploration - The Age of Discovery

European Exploration Free App - Kids learn history via playing. They also learn budgeting, team building, and vonage planning


Age of Discovery Travel Brochure Project

This creative project has students research an explorer from the Age of Discovery and create a travel brochure based on his journey. A list of 15 possible choices for an explorer is provided along with detailed instructions on what is required and what to include. My students gain a lot from this assignment because they must think creatively about each explorer's route and make connections to the world today. A rubric with both self-evaluation and teacher evaluations are included as well.


Age of Exploration Google Drive Interactive Notebook

This Age of Exploration and Discovery Google Drive Digital Interactive Notebook features 10 fully-editable Interactive pages on the Age of Exploration/Age of Discovery. Awesome for a 1:1 lesson or to integrate technology into your classroom!


Snoop Dogg Renaissance, Reformation, Discovery, & Monarchs Cloze Reading

The first Snoop Dogg World History Review is now available! Covers the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration, and Absolute Monarchs in 2 hilarious pages!