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Age Of Madonna

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The Christ Child Asleep

Le sommeil de l'enfant Jésus (détail) by Bernardino Luini


Gustav Klimt Er schaffte es, scheinbar mit Leichtigkeit, die innigsten Gefühle als Bild festzuhalten.


This is one of two images that fit the description that Taylor makes regarding how Esperanza and Turtle look while they're on their road trip. "Madonna and Child with Pink Sunglasses".


An image of the Madonna from the Rothschild Canticles (1300), a Middle Age manuscript produced for a nun at the turn of the fourteenth century, it served as an aid to mystical devotions in which images played as central a role as the written word.


I'm sure the dress is allegorical, but it is gorgeous. And I love the hair too. Maria im Ährenkleid ca. 1490

Lorenzo Veneziano ~ Madonna and Child, 1371


Raphael's Sistine Chapel Madonna and Child. Not shown in picture are the 2 cherub figures Raphael painted at the bottom of this-2 kids that used to sit at window watching him paint. I have them on my Saints board.

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The Best Paintings of The Great Gustav Klimt

This is circulating on Pinterest. It looks like an edit of the Mother and Child section of "The Three Ages of Women." Somebody copied the single baby to cover her bare breast. ~K Gustav Klimt, Mother and Child

Our Lady of Grace, limestone polychrome, Languedoc, 1470 - Toulouse, Musée des Augustins Toulouse Musee des Augustins / Photo Daniel Martin.


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