Walk by the #backwater villages and you get to see some old world agriculture technology. Chakram is a traditional irrigation method, used mainly in the #kuttanad region. This simple device is usually made of teak, has seven or more planks fixed on a circular framework.(Image by flickr user arayil)

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Concerns about how climate change may be affecting India are bringing fresh urgency – and funding – to longstanding challenges in sustainable agriculture.

A woman washes clothes in the Cauvery, or Kaveri, River in Kushalnagar town, Karnataka, India

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trans - Planting Rice from nursery to main fields, India. paddy is cultivated in…

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World Endeavors: Urban Planning Internships Abroad. International planning interns get the chance to learn how cities are organized in different cultural, economic and geographical contexts.

The higher education system in India includes both private and public universities. List of Top Universities in India 2012-2013. Find all Universities in India with there contact details.

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