mejores alternativas que sin duda son más refrescantes, saludables y bonitas que los refrescos. ¡Y lo mejor de todo es que las puedes hacer tu mismo!

“Always drink a glass of water before eating.” “It’s easy to confuse hunger with thirst. Staying hydrated before a meal can prevent you from overeating.” | Body Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Clarity matters. Clients often report not 'knowing' what they want; not being able to decide what to do. In fact, what's missing in their lives is clarity. Coaching helps clients get crystal clear about their desires in any facet of their lives. Once they have clarity, they realize they DO know what they want; they CAN make affirming decisions. If you don't have clarity, it's always going to be difficult to navigate life in a positive way. ~ JAL

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Watermelon Agua Fresca (0 WW PP! Something to drink that isn't water or diet soda!)

Agua De Sandia (Watermelon Water)--had this in Mexico...soooo good! This recipe has no sugar, try it first.

“Green Lake” – Tragoess, Austria | 15 majestuosos lugares bajo el agua que necesitas visitar antes de morir

Indonesia, Kelana DMC - a member of Gondwana DMC's, your network of global boutique Destination Management Companies - visit www.gondwana-dmcs... or

La sexualidad femenina: puede ser tormentosa o calmada como el agua, depende de su canal

Agua de Jamaica/ Hibiscus Tea- after a recommendation from a friend I went out and bought some hibiscus flowers and made my own tea....WOW!!! And when you read up on the health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea,you'll slap yourself for not trying it sooner,truly delicious!

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La receta de la semilla de chia para bajar de peso. en las noches pongan en un vaso de agua dos cucharadas de chía, déjenla reposando toda la noche y por la mañana se la toman en ayunas, háganlo durante un mes y me dicen los resultados.

The Old Mill Waterwheel at Berry College in Rome, Georgia • photo: Alfredo Jones on Flickr

Imagine this: Each person has a personal cloud that follows anywhere the person will go. When you're ok or feeling normal or the usual, it appears as a hovering adorable fluffy cotton thing. It transforms itself depending on your mood. So when you feel upset, it rains a drink that will help you with your current mood...say wine or whiskey? Or could be a hot coco.

TU SALUD: Agua para Eliminar la Grasa

Adiós a la grasa abdominal con agua de berenjenas - Mejor con Salud

Awesome image by Ian A. Linton...would look awesome within a transparent frame on a wall in a very modern bathroom...